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Celebrating the Legacy of Madonna High School


Spirit of Madonna Awards

In 2024, we are proud to introduce the Spirit of Madonna Awards, which aim to honor individual support of the Madonna Alumnae Association under the Madonna Foundation. This year, we will be presenting three awards at our Madonna Foundation Annual Luncheon.

The recipient of each award exemplifies the ideals of a Madonnian through outstanding service, devotion, generosity and support to the ongoing legacy of Madonna High School through the Madonna Foundation Scholars. This year’s winners include:

Foundress Award - Franciscan Sisters of Chicago
Dedication Award - Terri Sikorski Roeslmeier - Class of 74
Stewardship Award - Rosa DeLuna Frede - Class of 91

Celebrating the Legacy of Madonna High School

The legacy of Madonna High School in Chicago, Illinois, lives on through YOU – our Madonna High School alumnae. This legacy is witnessed through the amazing things that each of you are doing with your lives. Through the strong faith that each of you hold, the respect and care that each of you have for the world around you and the bonds of sisterhood that were formed at Madonna High School. This legacy will last a lifetime.

Our mission and purpose as an alumnae association is to provide social, educational, spiritual and cultural experiences for our members to connect and encourage member involvement in the ministry of Catholic secondary education for young women through our legacy, the Madonna Foundation.

History & Mission

Celebrating the Legacy of Madonna High School

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It is our hope and prayer that each and every student in the 50+ years of the school’s existence remains connected to the cherished Madonna legacy. Through the Madonna High School Alumnae Association (MHSAA), you can remain connected to classmates, teachers and peers and continue the Spirit of Madonna.

In the words of the late Sister Carol Marie Schommer, “This is our legacy. We collectively stand united in our school motto: For Sanctity and Wisdom. We are Madonna.”

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Sharing Memories & Purpose

Madonna High School holds a special place in my heart. Not only for the good Catholic education I received but the lifelong friendships I have because of Madonna High School. It continually provides me with connections to empowered women who ALWAYS amaze me. Through this sisterhood, I have become an active member of the Madonna Foundation and Alumnae Association and I am looking forward to my future connections with strong, vibrant amazing women.
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Denise Batka Makowski
Class of 1984
My fondest memory of Madonna High was my history teacher Ms. Sigl, she inspired me to go into History at DePaul University. Sr. Theresa Lesnek in the Library was fantastic. I was a Library Club officer and Sr. Theresa guided our club and provided space and time for us in the library.
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Kathy Ingram
Principal, Our Lady of Tepeyac | Class of 1987
I am on the advisory council of the Madonna Foundation because I believe that a Catholic education should be available to students regardless of income, and I believe the personal support and sisterhood that the Madonna scholars enjoy because of the Foundation will help to nurture intelligent, thoughtful women who are true assets to their families and to their communities.
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Mary Slowik
Class of 1983
The friendships that I made throughout my 4 years at Madonna were amazing. It was a sisterhood which I cherished since I grew up with 3 older brothers and no sisters. So many laughs and great memories. I still keep in touch with some and even when I see classmates at events it seems like we just pick up from where we left off all those years ago.
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Maria Angelopoulos McDorman
Class of 1980
My memories of Madonna: Up staircases and down staircases, custom made hats for Freshie initiation, IBM typewriters, worms and fetal pigs in biology, classrooms in outside “units”, recording vinyl records with chorus, pizza puffs and chocolate shakes for lunch, senior lounge, assemblies, ring dance, prom, and the repercussions of forgetting your locker key. But the gifts that Madonna gave me and things that I treasure the most are the lifelong friendships that I made while there and continue to cherish long after I moved that tassel from one side of my cap to the other. Madonna, thanks for the memories.
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Jackie General Gorski
Senior Class President | Class of 1984

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Update My Contact Information?

It’s important for us to have your most up-to-date information so that we can keep you informed of Madonna High School Alumnae Association events and programs. Click here to update your contact information.

Why Did the MHSAA become Affiliated with the Madonna Foundation?

The Madonna High School Alumnae Association became associated with the Madonna Foundation in the Spring of 2021. Under the Madonna Foundation, the MHSAA provides expanded resources that facilitate the efforts of the Madonna Foundation and continue the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago’s mission of education and faith.

How Does a Student Apply for a Scholarship through the Madonna Foundation?

The Madonna Foundation annually awards scholarships to deserving young women in the Chicago area who demonstrate financial need and the potential for academic achievement. Those interested in applying for a scholarship through the Madonna Foundation should visit to verify enrollment, eligibility and review the scholarship expectations.

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