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The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago opened Madonna High School in 1949 at the corner of Belmont and Pulaski. The school’s mission was to provide high quality Catholic secondary education to young urban women. For more than 50 years, Madonna High School kept this mission alive, at one time serving as many as 1,200 students.

Upon the closure of the school, the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago formed the Madonna Foundation to carry on the legacy and mission of Madonna High School. The Foundation represents all the best of Madonna High School’s proud traditions.


The Legacy of the Madonna High School lives on through you, our Madonna High School alumnae. This legacy is witnessed through the amazing things that each of you are doing with your lives, through the strong faith that each of you hold, through the respect and care that each of you have for the world around you and through the bonds of sisterhood that were formed at Madonna High School and will last a lifetime. 

You are the

living representation

of all that Madonna High School had to offer