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Founded on Faith and Sisterhood

The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago opened Madonna High School in 1949 at the corner of Belmont Avenue and Pulaski Road in Chicago, Illinois. The school’s mission was to provide high-quality Catholic secondary education to young women. For more than 50 years, Madonna High School kept this mission alive, at one time serving as many as 1,200 students.

Unfortunately, due to declining enrollment and the economic pressures on private city schools, Madonna High School was forced to close its doors. Upon the closure of the school, the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago formed the Madonna Foundation to carry on the legacy and mission of Madonna High School.

The Madonna Foundation represents all the best of Madonna High School’s proud traditions and provides access to academic excellence at single-gender Catholic high schools.

Raise your banners and let them wave free

Over our team we’ll shout victory

Never doubting or with hopes astray

We know this will be our day


Do you hear us go Madonna!


Face your team with full-fledged faith and trust

To win this game is a must

Shine clean and let your good name beam

Right now for our Madonna team


Rah! Rah! Rah!

Madonna High School Fight Song

Scholar Partner Schools

The Madonna Foundation has developed strategic partnerships with six (6) all-girls Catholic high schools which serve young women from the Chicago area. Each school is North Central Accredited and recognized with distinction by the State of Illinois Board of Education.

Building Upon the Bonds of Sisterhood

The legacy of Madonna High School lives on through our Madonna High School alumnae. The mission and purpose of the Madonna High School Alumnae Association is to provide social, educational, spiritual and cultural experiences for our members and to involve the members in the ministry of Catholic secondary education for young women.

Alumnae Council Members

Denise Batka Makowski

Denise Batka Makowski Class of 1984Alumnae Chair

Mary Slowik

Mary Slowik Class of 1983Council Member

Sue Lasch McGhee

Sue Lasch McGhee Class of 1977Council Member

Margaret Bird Nerger

Margaret Bird Nerger Class of 1977Council Member

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We are Madonna! If you have any questions or want to connect with the MHSAA team, we invite you to contact us.

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